What Makes Eyes Look Aged?

      In the world of beauty, one thing is for sure: aging is natural. But what influences our appearance? Genetics? Hmm, not only. Stress, smoking, and those late-night Netflix binges are all contenders too. 

      But hold tight; there is something else – skincare. A skincare routine is essential- that's true- especially if you want your skin to glow and look healthy. BUT, there is a big BUT – there are some beauty habits you do wrong that make your skin age earlier, especially the eye area since the skin around that area is 10 times thinner than our facial skin, and aging signs appear earlier there.

      How about we save the skincare part for later and kick things off with the easy stuff?

      Eyebrows: They are Either Our Beauty Fairies or Enemies

      Have you ever tried to play with the Photoshop functions and change the eyebrows of your beauty idols? If not- please try it, it's both funny, and it will make you take your eyebrow friends more seriously. So, even if one day, thick eyebrows become a trend again, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, never follow it. The trend will fade away, but your eyebrows probably won't grow back.

      As we get older and if we're not getting all the important nutrients, the hairs all over our body, even the ones in our eyebrows, start to naturally thin out or even fall away. So, if you've been plucking away since your teenage years, you might have noticed that your eyebrows aren't as lush as they used to be. If you noticed, all those famous models have nice and full eyebrows, and it is a sign that they are young and doing well health-wise.

      But don't stress out if you already have thin eyebrows. This is the century where everything is possible, as the market is full of eyebrow products that can grow hair naturally or make it look good through makeup.

      A Piece of Advice to My Younger Self: Make Your Lifestyle Healthy

      Makeup makes wonders to hide the signs of aging, but you know that's temporary. A healthy lifestyle is the key to being good, doing good, and looking good. It is also a weapon against those dark bags under your eyes.

      If you can't become friends with healthy habits, then at least include food with rich nutrients in your diet to naturally brighten your skin around the eyes. Also, Vitamins C and K can be beneficial for your skin brightening, protecting it from further damage, and boosting collagen production.

      Da-Dum-Da-Dum! The Long-Awaited Skincare Talks

      If you scrub your eye area, you don't want to skip this part.
      We all get it. Taking off that eye makeup before crashing out is a must, even if we're dead tired. But let's talk about these long-lasting eye shadows and waterproof mascara—insistent little things, right? And what do we do? Of course, start rubbing our eyes.

      And here comes the worst part: aggressive makeup removal can mess with that sensitive skin under your eyes, causing those broken capillaries and, yep, you got it, dark circles. And now you probably think then how to remove eye makeup. Well, go for an oil-based cleanser to melt away that makeup. Or you can roll with a micellar solution.

      Do You Use an Eye Cream?

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      When it comes to your anti-aging game plan, an eye cream is a total must - that's what all skin experts say - yet it's surprisingly easy to forget about. Your eye skin is the gentlest and thinnest skin on the entire body, making it super vulnerable to all sorts of trouble. And paying special attention to it is important.

      If you have never used an eye cream or want to make sure you are using the right one, here are some tips:

      Step one: Know your skin. Is it dry, oily, or a bit of both? 

      Step two: Ingredients are your BFFs. When scanning labels, look for products enriched with vitamins (especially Vitamin C) and natural ingredients. 

      Step three: Texture matters. A light, gel-like texture might be a dream for oily skin, while a richer cream could be a lifesaver for dry skin. Anti-aging eye creams suitable for all skin types are also a good choice. 

      Step four: Dive into reviews and feedback to get a sense of real results.

      Step five: Do a small patch test. Apply a smidge of the cream behind your ear and wait for any adverse reactions.

      If you're still struggling to pick the perfect anti-aging eye cream, consider trying out Dr. Bernstein's Anti-Aging Eye Cream. Let's get one thing straight: I'm all about simple, effective skincare. First things first, the ingredients. Algae? Vitamin C? Olive oil? Sounds like a recipe for a skincare smoothie, right? Algae is known for its skin-firming magic, vitamin C brings the glow, and olive oil. Well, that's been a trusted beauty secret for ages. Using Dr. Bernstein's Anti-Aging Eye Cream is a piece of cake – just a quick and easy routine, twice a day, in a gentle C-shape around your eyes.

      Is there a right way to apply the cream?

      Finding your perfect eye cream is only part of the story. The real magic happens in how you put it on. Let's master the art: Once you've washed up, and got your serums and moisturizer in place, take a bit of eye cream and delicately dot it around and under your eyes, including your brow bone.

      Remember, be kind to your skin; no harsh tugging! Now, gently tap the cream or gel from your inner eye corner to the outer. Keep at it until it soaks in like a sponge. Wait for a couple of minutes before putting on sunscreen or makeup, letting the cream fully sink in. And don't forget, the secret is to spread it in a C-shape, both under your eyes and on the sides.

      Through these easy adjustments to your beauty routine and dedicating proper care to your eyes, you have the power to slow down the natural aging processes and enhance your overall appearance.