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Dr. Micheal Bernstein

Dr. Micheal Bernstein, born into a family of doctors, embarked on a unique journey that defied traditional expectations. While the initial plan was to follow the family's medical legacy, fate had a different calling.

Driven by a desire to impact millions, he found his true passion in the world of organic solutions for skin care. Little did he know, this unexpected turn laid the foundation for a groundbreaking career.

Dr. Bernstein's Natural Approach in the Synthetic Era

Back in the '80s, skincare was dominated by artificial products. Leaving consumers with products that fell short of their promises. Dr. Bernstein saw a need for change. He wanted to show the world that natural solutions were the key to healthy skin. The challenge was introducing this idea when everyone else was focused on synthetic products.

Choosing Quality Over Profit

The turning point in Dr. Bernstein's journey came when a big French company offered him a lucrative job. He turned down the offer but is still willing to provide his formula. However, the company found his approach too expensive. Dr. Bernstein realized the stark reality. Most expensive brand creams only use 50 cents to $1 worth of ingredients in a $50 product, with the rest going to packaging and marketing. This realization fueled his decision to start his own company, rejecting the easy route for the sake of uncompromising quality.

Dr. Bernstein's Journey in Skincare and Holistic Health

With perseverance, Dr. Bernstein shared his formulas exclusively with over 5000 cosmetologists for 20 years before making them available to consumers. The results were exceptional, with clients experiencing amazing results. His journey brought him to treat and work with global figures, including A-list celebrities and dignitaries like the former King of Morocco. Armed with a master's in Organic Chemistry from the prestigious Weizmann Institute and a Ph.D. in alternative medicine from York University, Dr. Bernstein's impact reaches beyond skincare, offering holistic treatments and innovative solutions for diverse health concerns.

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