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With a primary goal of improving skin condition and appearance, Dr. Michael Bernstein and the Bernstein family have developed products that combat the visible signs of aging.

Incorporating science and nature, our products transform ordinary skincare into an enriching ritual that contributes to your health, beauty, and peace of mind.

Our products are suitable for all skin types and perfect for individuals seeking beauty through natural and safe solutions.

The Bernstein Family

The Bernstein family's journey in medical herbs and pharmaceuticals started in the 1890s. Most family members were pharmacists, doctors, or chemists, and they had a strong interest in ancient herbal studies and traditional knowledge. They drew inspiration from famous herbalists and medical scholars’ teachings, including Maimonides (Rambam).

They used bio-organic chemistry, high-tech methodologies, enzymes, peptides, and innovative substances. In the 20th century, their contributions were recognized for their transformative impact. Following their introduction of innovative products, techniques, and formulations, the Bernstein family became the industry leaders.

A Beacon of Innovation

In the heart of our brand, and behind the success of our Dr. M Bernstein® line, stands Dr. Michael Bernstein, a genius expert, our Chief Scientist and co-founder.

The young Michael Bernstein committed himself to his family's work and learned organic chemistry. He attended the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, a globally recognized hub for scientific innovation. Further, Dr. Bernstein completed his Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine from York University in California, USA.

Dr. Bernstein's achievements are a continuation of the family's legacy. He's had a successful career, making important findings and contributions in organic chemistry and alternative medicine. His influence has further solidified the family's reputation as innovators. Dr. M. Bernstein also received patents for treating psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. This proves his dedication and commitment to improving people's well-being.

The Bernstein family's scientific research led to the development of skincare products. Dr. Michael Bernstein, inspired by his family's philosophy, knowledge, and heritage, decided to use his expertise to make a valuable impact. As a result, he founded a skincare product line.


Third-Party Lab Certified
Each product under the Dr.M Bernstein® brand undergoes rigorous evaluation at third-party labs. This ensures the highest quality and strict adherence to safety and industry standards.

Mission and Vision

We aspire to go beyond the ordinary skincare practices, transforming them into holistic self-care rituals that contribute to our consumers' overall health and confidence.

Our vision is to make Dr. M. Bernstein's products a symbol of trust, innovation, and excellence in natural skincare, universally accessible and esteemed. We're passionate about creating impactful organic skincare and innovating new approaches to enhance people's well-being.

The Bernstein family has a long history in this field, and it's heartening to see that our dedication is now inspiring people worldwide to join us in this effort.

Visionary leadership

Today, under Dr. Bernstein's visionary leadership, our brand is more than just a high-tech bio company. We are a global platform committed to enhancing the beauty and well-being of our clients.

We bring nature-inspired and scientifically backed solutions. Through the brand of Dr. M Bernstein®, we offer not only products. We are here to give you the knowledge to transform your skincare into a holistic self-care ritual. It's not about treating the skin but elevating your skin's health and confidence.

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